Compound Exercises Are Crucial!

Simply put, a compound exercises is one in which multiple joints are used. An isolation exercise is one that uses only a single joint. As an example, consider the difference between a squat (which utilizes your ankles, knees, waist, hips, and more) and a leg extension (which involves only your knees, and nothing more).

Compound exercises are better. Way better. Here’s why:
1. They allow you to stimulate multiple muscle groups in one movement.
2. They allow you to lift or move substantially more weight.
3. They put the stress on a variety of joints, not just one, making them less likely to cause injury.
4. They are generally more likely to release testosterone and growth hormone as they are more taxing on the body as a whole.

While isolation movements are also important to any workout routine, compound movements should be the primary focus of your training. The ‘big three’ are squats, deadlifts, and the bench press. You must train using these three exercises if you expect to see results.

Here are some other good compound exercises:

Shoulders: Arnold Press, Military Press
Chest: Bench Press (barbell or dumbbell), Dips, Pushup
Arms: Closed-Palm Chinup, Dips
Back: Deadlift, Row, Chinup, Pull-down
Legs: Squat, Deadlift, Lunge, Leg Press