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"Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" Review

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If you’re looking to lose fat and achieved that extreme ripped and cut look, Tom Venuto’s book “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” is the book for you. A competitive natural bodybuilder and certified personal trainer, there is practically no limit to Venuto’s knowledge in the fat loss area. He cut his own body fat down to under 4%, which proves that he certainly knows what he’s talking about. To top it off, Venuto is not the least bit condescending and his writing style is perfect for all beginners and intermediates.

The “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” program is broken down into four sections: Goal Setting, Nutrition, Cardio and Weight Training. Each section is equally important and each one seems to improve on the last. His goal setting ideas are brilliant, his nutrition section provides an effective yet realistic diet plan, and his training sections are simple and specifically focused on helping you maintain maximum muscle mass while simultaneously losing fat. In fact, that is the specific focus of this program – losing fat without losing any of your precious muscle mass. As Venuto notes, it’s fairly easy to lose weight but very difficult to lose fat while keeping your muscle.

Another aspect that I love about this program is Venuto’s ‘long-term’ approach. He understands that losing fat is not an 8-week process, but rather a lifetime goal. Once you lose that fat, you want to keep it off – and he explains how. This is certainly a positive change from most other programs, which leave you high and dry once you’ve completed the routine. Venuto leaves nothing out of this program; it really is all-inclusive, and I would be very surprised if any readers still had unanswered questions. His years of expertise as a trainer are evident by the way he addresses all of the common questions that users might have.

In addition to the main book, which is excellent on its own, is a bonus ebook package. “Foods and Fat,” “Grading Your Food Choices,” and “Measuring your Body Fat” are also included in the package, free for download along with “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.” Although short, these books are a nice addition. He also offers an excellent newsletter and free lifetime updates.

I can honestly find very little to complain about in this program. It leaves out almost nothing, it’s interesting and easy to read, and it is packed with quality information and inspiration. If fat loss is one of your primary goals, this book is my top recommendation.

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