Mike Geary

    Mike Geary ProgramAlthough his book is about abs and fat loss, Mike Geary is just an all-round fitness guru. In addition to being a certified personal trainer and certified nutrition specialist, Mike has also written hundreds of articles on fat loss that have been published both online and in print magazines such as Muscle & Fitness Mag.

    Mike also practices what he preaches - he constantly maintains a freakishly low body fat % and works out hard year-round. He also dedicates much of his time to research and learning about the latest fat loss techiques.

    Mike's best-selling fat loss & abdominals book, "The Truth About Abs," has been an absolutely huge success. In the first few months after its release, it skyrocketed to the top of the fat loss and muscle building charts. All around the world now there are people who have six-pack abs thanks in part to Mike Geary and his techniques. You can read our review of his program here.

    Mike's Programs: