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"No-Nonsense Muscle Building" Review

Vince DelMonte has chosen “No Nonsense Muscle Building” as the title for his book, and this is a very appropriate title indeed. The book begins by explaining that the only real excuse for being small, skinny and weak is laziness and a lack of motivation. Genetics may not have blessed you, but they are not a valid excuse, says DelMonte. Once you quit feeling sorry for yourself and let go of the typical “I can’t gain weight” excuses, you can get to work on executing his program and make big gains in a short amount of time.

Although DelMonte has a background as a fitness model and his program covers things such as flexibility and muscular endurance, his real goal is to help skinny guys pack on the muscle mass. The book is broken down into 9 fundamental principles of muscle gain. Each principle is equally important, and he spends a significant amount of time explaining each one – from the concepts of progressive overload to intensity to overtraining and recovery time.

The training regimen itself is actually quite different from most others. Instead of focusing on traditional “HIT” (high intensity training) principles, DelMonte adopts a routine more focused on preventing adaptation. He switches up exercises, volume, and intensity in order to keep your body guessing what’s coming next. This particular workout plan is very complicated, but if you stick to it, the gains will be very good (and Vince himself is proof of that!).

Again, this program is unique in that it also has a section dedicated to cardio so that you can achieve that “ripped” look. It also has a section on flexibility and muscle imbalances, which are excellent additions. To top it all off, the nutrition section of this book is excellent. It is very in-depth, covering many different types of individual objectives and situations. He outlines “10 No Nonsense Nutrition Rules For Insane Muscle Gain”, but if you want to avoid all of this hassle you can just stick to one of his pre-made diet plans, which range from 2000 to 6000 calories!

In addition to the book, you also get access to some quality bonuses: 3 month unlimited email support (can be VERY useful!), unlimited updates, a 29-week workout plan (absolutely critical!), 30 day meal plans, and some tele-seminars. These are great bonuses and add to the overall package. Although Vince’s program is quite different from some of the others, if you are willing to dedicate the time and energy, you willpack on some serious mass.

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