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Will Brink is one of the world’s foremost experts on fat loss and bodybuilding.  In addition to authoring hundreds of published magazine articles, he’s had a hand in shaping some of the best natural physiques in the world. Brink is truly an expert, and his 25 years in the fitness industry really show in "Fat Loss Revealed".

Originally entitled “Diet Supplements Revealed,” the largest part of this book covers every weight loss and dieting supplement you can think of.  Brink has dug through hundreds of scientific studies and scholarly articles to uncover the truth about all of these supplements, and he’s condensed that information into a few short pages per supplement.  Perhaps best of all, Brink not only provides scientific research but also gives advice based on his own extensive experience.  This provides a ‘grounded in reality’ feeling even though each supplement has been thoroughly researched.

The second section of Fat Loss Revealed covers nutrition and dieting.  Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of any fat loss program, and Brink’s diet section is top-notch.  The dieting principles he advocates in this book are the same as those used by some of the top athletes in the world, as well as by many of Brink’s own incredibly successful clients.  The principles he advocates are very sound and, if followed properly, almost guarantee fat loss success.

The book doesn’t end there: a third section focuses on the importance of aerobic exercise and weight training.  Again, Brink’s cardio & weight training principles are extremely sound and promise to provide excellent results if applied diligently. He stresses the importance of performing a routine that is specifically designed to utilize hormonal responses in the body to elicit a fat burning response.  It sounds complicated, but he explains it all very clearly in the book.

If those three sections aren’t comprehensive enough, Brink also hosts a "members zone," which you will gain access to once you purchase the publication. There's as much (or more!) value in the members zone as there is in the book. For example, you can use the members zone to search for complete reviews of over 200 brand name supplements. You'll also find the calorie planner and the diet planner online – these accompany the Fat Loss Diet plan which is included in this publication. Of course, there's also an online community, complete with message boards, forums, and so on.

In case you haven’t noticed, I love this book.  I highly doubt there’s a single piece of misinformation to be found in the entire 250+ page program.  If I had to complain, I’d say that at times the supplement reviews can be a bit too ‘long’, as sometimes you want to get straight to the bottom line information.  Some people love details, though, so this isn’t even really a worthwhile complaint!

I feel very confident in recommending this program, and I have no doubt that anyone who applies it will see excellent results.

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