Will Brink

    Will BrinkWill Brink is a genuine bodybuilding legend. He has been practicing and writing about natural muscle building for nearly fifteen years, and his articles can be found in publications like Muscle Media, MuscleMag International, Lets Live, Muscle n Fitness, Life Extension magazine, Townsend Letter for Doctors, IronMan, Inside Karate, Exercise for Men Only, Physical, Power, Body International, and many more.

    He has co authored several studies relating to sports nutrition and health found in peer reviewed academic journals, as well as having commentary published in the Journal of American Medicine. Will has been invited to lecture on the benefits of weight training and nutrition at conventions and symposiums around the U.S. and Canada, and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. He has worked with athletes ranging from professional bodybuilders, golfers, fitness contestants, to police and military personnel. He recently developed a special fitness supplement specifically for SWAT team personel.

    Will is the author of two best-selling online e-books, Bodybuilding Revealed and Fat Loss Revealed.

    Will's Programs: