Jeff Anderson

    Jeff Anderson ProgramJeff Anderson is better known in bodybuilding circles as "The Muscle Nerd". He earned this nickname because of his reputation at a local gym for being a "bookworm" when it came to bodybuilding and fitness, constantly taking extensive notes after every set of every exercise.

    After years of meticulous research and personal trial & error, Jeff learned that just as the metabolism can be "programmed" to burn greater amounts of fat, so can the body's natural production of anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone. He devised a step-by-step method for achieving this, and his top-selling e-book, Optimum Anabolics, was born.

    His program has been featured on many of the top bodybuilding and fitness sites online, and readers can't get enough of the Muscle Nerd and his innovative methods. Jeff's unique articles have been featured all over the Internet and he is also the creator of "The Muscle Nerd University", an online bodybuilding video series.

    Jeff's Programs: