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Jeff Anderson is also known as the “Muscle Nerd”, and rightfully so. His book “Optimum Anabolics” is one of the best and most unique muscle building programs available. He is incredibly knowledgeable (hence the nickname), and he shares all of this knowledge with readers in “Optimum Anabolics”. Typically, someone who has dedicated thousands of hours to the study of body building and muscle mass gain would probably bore you to tears with extraneous information. This is not the case with Anderson’s book.

One of the reasons this book stands out is because of Anderson’s outstanding writing skills. Unlike some other e-book authors, who have simply compiled their knowledge and sold it, this book is actually entertaining. He even uses a fictional character, “Joe Hardgainer”, to emphasize his point. “Joe” is a typical bodybuilder who has wasted money on supplements and aimlessly tried the brutal bodybuilding routines available on free websites. Jeff breaks down

If you are not a particularly disciplined individual, this may not be the best book for you. It is a fairly intensive program, and requires dedication to be successful. That being said, some of his principles are quite ground-breaking and unique. For example, “Hyper-Adaptive Cycling” – how many people have heard of that before? Not many, but it’s a principle that Anderson backs up with plenty of scientific research.

Once you’ve worked your way through the book, you can begin to take a look at the bonuses, which really add that extra little touch that will get you started in the gym and with your diet. “The Workout” bonus e-book provides a 24-week printable outline for your training (and leaves lots of room for variety). Further to that, you also receive some other great bonuses: a progress tracking software package, a fat loss e-book, a huge questions-and-answers database, and a one-year membership to the “Muscle Nerd University”, which features video lessons, among other things.

Overall, this is a beautifully written book and, packaged with all of his bonus materials, it is the perfect package to help an intermediate bodybuilder break through all plateaus and work towards achieving a massive and ripped physique. Apply this program with dedication, and the sky is the limit.

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