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"Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail System" Review

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If there were a single document that came close to being a ‘bodybuilding bible’, it would be Sean Nalewanyj’s “The Truth About Building Muscle”. Because of its all-inclusive scope, impressive bonus package, and easy-to-read style, it is simply the best bodybuilding book available. While it is probably best suited to beginner and intermediate bodybuilders, Sean’s expertise is significant and he also gives good insight into more advanced topics such as mental preparation and dealing with injuries.

The fundamental principle behind Sean’s entire book is the notion that most bodybuilding concepts are very simple, but putting them into practice is very difficult. For example: If you train hard and eat big, you’ll grow big fast. This is a simple principle to understand, but it is drastically more difficult to implement. It is for precisely this reason that most people fail to achieve even close to the same results as Sean has – it takes a lot of hard work to consistently and effectively apply simple muscle-building techniques. This is where Sean’s book excels. He has broken down the necessary information into simple, effective steps designed to help you avoid the typical pitfalls.

Sean Before After MuscleEach page is packed with inspiration and Sean’s passion simply oozes through the pages. The information his book provides is not only accurate but also concise, without complex scientific formulae. His training section provides outstanding training routines for maximum efficiency. His nutrition section includes meal plans, calorie counts, and a host of other useful information. His supplements section cuts through all the bullshit and advocates the use of only a few important products. Combine this, and you have an impressive book without the bonus packages, which are excellent additions in themselves.

Sean Nal Muscle BuildingThe bonuses include Sean's "personal trainer database" which will answer any questions you may still have, as well as a 26-week printable workout log, an exercise database, a host of video lessons, an audio course, and a three month membership to one of the best muscle-building software programs available. For an additional $30, which is well worth the money, Sean offers unlimited email personal training. He’ll answer any and all of your questions, with a quick response time, for three full months. He also includes a fat loss book, one of the best on the market, some additional meal plans, and a mental preparation book entitled “Bodybuilding Inner Game”, which is also superb.

In summary, all of these elements combine to make up the best bodybuilding package available. It is worth far beyond the price tag, as many of Sean’s customer testimonials describe. It is very difficult for me to even come up with anything negative to say: unparalleled customer support, a simple yet brilliant book, and tons of useful bonuses make for an outstanding product. At this junction, as Sean would say, you have two options: you can leave this page right now and continue your life looking just the way you do now. Or, alternatively, you can check out Sean's book and begin your journey to bodybuilding success and a physique like Sean’s.

The Truth About Muscle Gain

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