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The title of Mike Geary’s best-selling book, “The Truth About Abs,” is a bit misleading.  Granted, if you follow his program diligently you’ll end up with amazing six-pack abs.  But it’s not because he shares some secret formula for making your abs grow like crazy – instead, his program is all about fat loss. This is because fat loss really is the secret to attaining insane six-pack abs.  Thankfully, Geary’s program explains why fat loss is so important and how to go about it.

If you're not prepared to alter your eating habits, do intensive workouts, and actively strive to improve your physical condition, don't bother buying this program. This is a program for people who are serious about looking good. If you're the sort of person who believes that you can get a rippling six-pack without working hard, then go ahead and buy another useless gadget which will end up accumulating dust in your garage.

Instead, Geary has you change your basic eating habits – five to six meals per day, focusing on low carbohydrates and low fat intake. He lays out a complete nutritional plan with exactly what types of foods you should eat at what times.  He explains how cheating on your diet can actually be a good thing, and gives you the proper guidelines to follow to do so.  Don’t be mistaken, though, as his diets do require a fair amount of dedication.  That being said, he’s very good at motivating you to eat properly.

 In the “training” section of the book, he also advocates cardiovascular training as well as an applied weight training program.  Of course, we can’t completely discount the importance of abdominal training, so Geary’s program includes some great tips on how to effectively work your abdominals in the gym for maximum muscle gain.  But the core of his strength training program advocates using full-body compound exercises.  I think this is fantastic, as it promises you muscle gains in all parts of your body and not just abs.

The program is bundled with several bonus books.  I must admit, they’re not the best bonuses compared to what some of the other top authors are offering.  That said, they’re still very useful:  I loved the “smoothie recipe” book, and a couple of his bonus books are written by fat loss and bodybuilding legends Craig Ballantyne and Tom Venuto.    Overall, the package is excellent value, and I would certainly not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to improve their abs, firm up their whole body and lose some excess fat.

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