Mass Gainers Review

  •   » Our Rating: 85%
  •   » Uses: Muscle building, weight gain
» Top Brands: The highest quality, most reputable mass gainer brands...
» CytoSport Cyto Gainer ($35.89 per 6lbs)
» Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice ($14.99 per 5lbs)
» Optimum Serious Mass ($22.99 per 6lbs)

  » Editor Review:Weight Gainer

If you’re looking to gain as much muscle mass and weight as possible, then you should definitely consider using a mass gainer.  Also called weight gainers, these powdered supplements usually have over 500 calories and 50 grams of protein.

Naturally they do contain a considerable amount of fat and sugar, but that doesn’t necessarily make them bad for you.  Some people are more susceptible to insulin spikes caused by high sugar content, so try to keep the sugar levels low.  Additionally, fat in a mass gainer can be your friend – but try to keep the overall saturated fat levels low.

Ideally, look for a mass gainer that has approximately twice as much protein as fat and approximately twice as many carbs as protein.  Fats help to boost the total calories per serving, while carbohydrates are important to help with protein absorption.

Being a hardgainer, I’ve used my fair share of mass gainers.  A personal favourite is CytoSport Cyto Gainer, for protein quality and price.  Other good brands are Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice (very economical) and Optimum Serious Mass (huge amounts of calories per serving). 

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