Multivitamins Review

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  •   » Uses: Muscle building, fat loss, general fitness
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  » Editor Review:Multivitamins Review

Multivitamins are often criticized for being useless – critics assert that all the vitamins and minerals you need can be obtained from eating healthy foods. There is probably merit to this statement; if you’re a couch potato that eats according to the FDA’s recommended diet (ie. Fruits and vegetables, grains, dairy, etc) you might not need a multivitamin.

But for a bodybuilder who pushes his or her body to the limit several times each week, a multivitamin is very important. If you’re not convinced, you could look at the research – or you could accept that since multivitamins aren’t going to hurt you, and they’re not expensive, there’s no sense in NOT taking them.

A lot of bodybuilders ignore the importance of multivitamins because unlike something like creatine or whey protein, they’re not immediately going to provide results. But since essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals are important to metabolic processes, they ARE helping your bodybuilding. On top of this, they’ll keep you healthier and more energetic, which also benefits your weight training.

A good multivitamin will provide more than just the standard well-known vitamins like A & C. It should also contain a variety of minerals, antioxidants, and other important nutrients.

Some multivitamins also contain key amino acids, such as my personal favorite, Universal Animal Pak, which is designed specifically for muscle building purposes. Other good choices include AST Multi-Pro 32X, which is very affordable, or NOW ADAM which, despite its strange name, is also highly effective.

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