Whey Protein Review

  •   » Our Rating: 95%
  •   » Uses: Muscle building, general fitness
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» Optimum 100% Whey Gold Standard ($34.99 per 5 lbs)
» Dymatize Elite Whey ($25.99 per 5 lbs)
» Higher Power 100% Whey ($24.99 per 5 lbs)

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All protein is not created equal. As proof of this, we can take a look at whey protein, which is the 'highest quality' protein available anywhere.

Protein is very important to muscle growth and metabolic processes within the body - in particular, the amino acids that make up protein are directly responsible for building and maintaining muscle tissue. Whey has the highest value in providing "branched-chain amino acids", which makes it a logical choice for any bodybuilder.

Study after study has shown the benefits of whey protein on muscle growth, and just about every bodybuilder understands the importance of protein supplementation.

The quick absorption properties of whey protein, which is a milk by-product, make it a perfect pre- and post-workout shake. A good post-workout drink should definitely include both whey protein and creatine (they don't taste too bad, either!).

Speaking of taste, my personal favourite are berry-flavoured whey protein shakes. Chocolate and vanilla flavours can be a bit overwhelming.

Try the berry flavour of Dymatize Elite Whey, or for the ultimate protein product, check out Optimum 100% Whey Gold Standard (recently renamed).

Those on a budget should check out Higher Power 100% Whey, which is affordable yet effective. For whey protein, buying online is by far the cheapest option - try Bodybuilding.com.

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