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Beginner Guide to Bodybuilding Supplements

  • As a beginner, it’s important to understand that supplements will not make or break your training routine. While they may be beneficial and assist you somewhat, they should be a second thought after perfecting your training and diet.

    I also recommend sticking to the basics. Supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry, and false claims are rampant. Stay away from everything but the very most proven supplements and you’ll save a lot of money and effort. Here are the few supplements you should consider:

  • Multivitamins: Although they have their critics, multivitamins should be a part of your supplement arsenal. Ensuring that you have no vitamin or mineral deficiencies is very important, especially when you are training hard every second day. See the full ‘multivitamins’ review.

  • Whey protein: We’ve already established how important protein is, and whey protein supplementation is a big part of that. Consume a post-workout whey protein shake mixed with some high-GI foods (such as a sugary juice drink). See the full ‘whey protein’ review.

    Creatine: While often demonized by the media, creatine is the most effective muscle-building supplement available. Creatine should be consumed either pre- or post-workout, and before breakfast on rest days. See the full ‘creatine’ review.

    The only other supplements that you should consider as a beginner are MRP’s (meal replacements), and some sort of mass gainer. If you’re really into spending money on supplements, check out EFA’s (essential fatty acids) and glutamine, as both have decent potential. Regardless, stick to the basic supplements, train hard and eat big and you’ll see serious muscular gains.