Weight Training Form & Safety

By nature weightlifting is not a particularly “dangerous” activity, but injuries can certainly result from improper form. As a beginner, you should either spend a session with a personal trainer or download a quality online muscle building program (I recommend Sean Nalewanyj’s “Muscle Gain Truth ” system) that has videos and explanations of each exercise.

Deadlifts and squats are probably the two most useful muscle building exercises, but they can also be the most difficult to perform properly. Ensure that you take care to perform these two lifts particularly carefully, using lower weight at first and then building up to your ‘muscular failure’ rep weight.

A proper warmup, with at least five minutes of light cardio, is always beneficial and can prevent injuries. Stretching, both before and after the workout, should also be performed. Regardless of what many experts say, I am not an advocate of spending ridiculous amounts of time stretching. It is certainly beneficial, but you don’t need to spend an hour every day stretching.

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It is also important to “acclimate” before workout out each muscle group. This is also an excellent injury prevention technique. For example, if your ‘working weight’ (your full weight in your first set) of squats is 300lbs, begin your workout by lifting 150lbs ten times. Then, lift 200lbs 7 times. Then, lift 250lbs 4 times. Lastly, lift 280lbs twice. By doing this you ‘warm up’ your muscles and help prevent injury. Be careful not to over-fatigue yourself, though – this is just a warmup!